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Here is Silvia from Italy.
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Jane: "The truth, Teresa, is that I can't imagine waking up knowing that I won't see you."

Jane: "The truth is… I love you."

Lisbon: "Good. Because I feel the same way."

2.6 & 4.1

Posters for The Mentalist episodes directed by Simon Baker.

Jane playing the string bass on The Mentalist, 3.22 Rhapsody in Red

Blake Neely, music composer for TM, showed Simon how to play Believe (Jane’s theme song)  on the string bass for this episode.  [LINK]

  • the way he looks at her 

R U Okay Day (x)

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"There’s always that person that is having trouble that is not going to let anyone know about it. It’s important that as a friend you’re aware of that and that you can create a bridge to that person and help them out."

"Knowing what people secretly want is what I do."

- Robert A. Heinlein